Get Weird feat. Nancy Whang (LCD Soundsystem) DJ Set

Okay so I'm not exactly sure what Nancy Whang will be doing for this gig. I know that at one point, all the coolest bands in New York wanted her keyboard/backup-vocal/tambourine-playing skills. It might be the modern day, hipster equivalent of the King Midas. Everything she touches turns to cool. No doubt, there will be a large percentage of the crowd on Friday who turn up just to see what she's wearing. I personally would like to find out how far this idea can be pushed (i.e., the idea that it sort of doesn't matter what she does) and just see her play all the tambourine parts to LCD Soundsystem and The Juan Mclean songs solo. I'll still be there and I'll probably be clapping at the part where all she does is takes a sip of water. I would like to take this really cheap shot and point out that there are no excuses (yep, I actually did it) for not going. Support from Manimal, Willy Slade, Nik Ridik, and in the Tiny Club, Aarom Wilson, Lemon Lime & Biddiss, Rex Monsoon and Lightsteed.