Hush: An Evening of Quiet Music (feat. Joe McKee, Dom Mariani and more)

We go to gigs for all sorts of reasons. To catch up with friends, to drink away the work week, to dance in lieu of proper exercise… Oh, and also to listen to bands. Sometimes. When it's not too bloody loud with all the people talking, drinking and dancing. Hush: An Evening of Quiet Music is a concert for those folks shooting the evil eyes at loudmouths competing with microphones. It's a night of music where the audience is meant to shut up and listen to the performers for once. The bill is stacked with WA superstars performing specially arranged sets intended to highlight their musical achievements: Dom Mariani (The Stems), Joe McKee (ex-Snowman), Big Old Bears, Rachel Dease, Rainy Day Women, Fall Electric and Apricot Rail. Plus, intimate sets in the library from Davey Craddock, Moustache, James Teague, The Stalker Family and Todd Pickett.