'The Improved'

The last time a group of young people came together in a room and Orwell was a major reference point, we ended up with a crap reality TV show that wouldn’t go away for seven years. Fringe World production The Improved, has similar ‘man versus the system in a dystopian future’ type vibes, but they’re dealing with it at a much more sophisticated, interesting level. It’s in a theatre and not on Channel 9, for starters. You could also look at it as an improvement on Gattaca except no Ethan Hawke (although we guess actor Andreas Lohmeyer has the tall, dark thing going on?).

The Improved is a collaborative effort - The Skeletal System are a mix of young writers, actors, and set and sound designers, who’ve come together to work on this project as a means to challenge themselves creatively. The Improved’s writer, Will O'Mahony , has been vocal about using Fringe World as a vehicle to test works that might normally be considered over the edge. Which makes us excited to see his play….maybe also a bit scared. For all we know this Mahoney guy could be reading Animal Farm before he goes to bed every night, and engaging bus drivers in slightly too loud convos about the death of individual agency.

ps. There’s also a The Improved Pozible crowdfund on the go, if you feel like doing something nice today and helping out a struggling creative (or several).