24-Hour Leederville IGA

· Thursday January 17, 2013

If Coles is Smaug and your local organic market is Bilbo Baggins, then I guess IGAs are the dwarves – mainly in it for the gold, but still worth teaming up with on occasion.

One extra reason to become friends is that Leederville IGA is now 24 hours, so you can finally stop dreaming about Fresh Provisions changing their minds. If you're like me, Fresh Provisions was ruined long ago anyway by bittersweet memories of seeing exes buying the $12 goat's feta with somebody new. Ouch. 3am now means you can wipe away the tears, turn off the Carly Simon and head out for a litre of orange juice and a pumpkin quiche, or similar early hour necessities (whole drinking coconuts, tequila lime and chilli olives, organic pork, tubs of Maggie Beer and loaves of Lawley's organic rye).

This also means 'Nowhere's open!' can be added to the list of slappable First World #perth problem whinges, along with 'there's nothing to do', 'we're so isolated' and 'there's no decent coffee'. The rest had DIY solutions, but for this one we had to rely on a larger and more organised force.