Authentic Bites Dumpling House

· Thursday June 23, 2016

Seems like Northbridge is changing every five minutes now. Super fast evolution… Hopefully it'll progress to all the humans being able to teleport and have wings, tails, and a penchant for looking after tiny animals and all being as good at music as Hype Williams. Small dreams.

Speaking of small dreams, surely dumplings are already at the peak of food ascension to higher realms. What could be more dreamy than a teeny pocket of tastiness cuddled in a soft layer of sweet white almost-nothingness?

Authentic Bites Dumpling House only opened recently but have ascended straight to top-tier dumpling status. We like authenticity in our comics, so why not in our dumplings too? I luckily visited with good dumpy mates, who ordered far and wide on the menu – including the experimentally-titled “Fried Khicken Steak with Noodle Soup”, recited dirty poetry while we ate, and laughed too hard when I burst a “Juicy” dumpling over my hand.

My friend said he doesn't eat mother and child in the same meal, so it was up to me to eat the “brown egg” from his chicken noodle soup. Even the eggy element was delicious, the boiled dome steeped in some big-ass stock to collect all its flavours – a much better outcome than our accidentally-incense-poached rollie filters.

Other highlights of Authentic Bites were the lack of background music to keep it real, free limitless tea, and the knowledge that this is the start of us all heading to some higher plane dipped in soy and vinegar, high on the steam and fry