Cookie Dough

· Thursday January 24, 2013

Burning question: does anyone in Australia actually buy those polony rolls of uncooked cookie dough? Sure, the Americanos wolf it down, and you can get them in supermarkets here, but as far as we know, nobody goes near 'em. Actually, does anyone still buy polony rolls of polony? Can’t believe we used to eat that crap sliced with tomato sauce in sandwiches as kids.

The point is no-one goes near polony cookie because we’ve got real standards when it comes to discs of baked dough (with the exception of those times we’re drunk at the McDonalds drive through at 3am, ordering ten miniature boxes of indeterminate sugar shapes). Home-made, all the waaay! Unfortunately, you mostly have to be at home to eat home made cookies, with heaps of cafes selling overpriced, dry discs of tasteless, preservative-filled crap in shrink wrap.

Fremantle’s Lisa Walsh, however, is our new fave person! Inspired by artisan bakeries like New York’s Magnolia and London’s Hummingbird during years spent on trips abroad as a brand buyer for David Jones, Lisa began home-made cookie company Cookie Dough Biscuits. She creates her own dough mix and flavour combos, and bakes small batches from scratch. She used to only sell them at markets, but recently moved into a red-brick warehouse, setting up a proper cookie cafe. Buy boxes of cookies to go (5, 10 or more), or sit down for a cookie, Di Bella coffee or tea (from local brewer The Seventh Duchess, who we reviewed here).

As far as cookies go, Cookie Dough have nailed it with their soft, chewy, creatively concocted options. We wolfed down a walnut/espresso number, a choc-cherry combo, as well as a ‘Mud Pie’, made with Dutch cocoa and chunks of dark chocolate. All yum, but the ‘Big Elvis’ peanut butter/choc combo was def the winner. Also looking fine were the ‘Coco Mo’ (choc/coconut), ‘Bahamas’ (coconut, peach, white choc) and ‘Nougat Buzz’ (Dutch cocoa, roasted almonds, cranberries, honey).

Cookie Dough are also serving bircher (chai soaked oats with apple, almonds and lemon curd), home-made green salads, lamb wraps, pots of fruit salad, brownies, lemon meringue cupcakes, and more - so you don’t have to eat cookies for breakfast and lunch if you don’t want to. But, you know. You want to.