Friday Night Croatian Buffet

· Thursday July 21, 2011

Croatia is famous for many things: the 'Magnet Boy' who could hold a skillet to his chest, Dalmatian dogs, the invention of the cravat and generally delicious everything. Which makes it very hard being in the depths of Perth winter right now when you could instead be tanning yourself to a perfect shade of brown on the Adriatic coast, a glass of grappa in hand and a plate full of seafood caught fresh this morning courtesy of a dude called Miroslav.

The perfect antidote to Perth winter then? An all-you-can-eat buffet at the Croatian Club in North Fremantle should do the trick. Sarma (cabbage rolls), stuffed capsicums, palačinke (sweet pancakes) and fritule (small donuts) are but a few of the bounty of Balkan delights that may grace your table. Once a month the buffet gets overtaken by more seafood than you could poke a stick at, with prawns, octopus and fish done just like Baba used to. She was clearly the original masterchef, with a cravat and everything.