Manna Wholefoods

· Thursday January 31, 2013

Who is with us on this one: every time you go to Fremantle you wonder why you're not
living there. South Beach is the best, everything smells like patchouli, wild sunflowers grow on the street, and most places make you feel better by the time you leave than you felt when you walked in. Manna Wholefoods is one such place, with their organic seeds, organic fruit and vegetables, very fairly priced (and mainly fairly traded) 'making yourself feel good' stuff – and their wholefoods café.

Manna makes it pure pleasure rather than hippy masochism to eat for longevity and shiny skin, especially via their raw cakes (try the strawberry cheesecake) and smoothies that look like mud but taste like rainbows. The lunch menu changes with the seasons but always includes incredible salad combinations and piping hot pizzas, spelt lasagnes and quiches weaving their way from the open kitchen to the counter.

There's only problem going to Manna: once you've tried raw, organic, vegan fare, normal food tastes like a pale reflection of the real thing. Kind of like the difference between a try-hard seapunk and an actual dolphin creating 90s house with its sonar to echolocate the nearest octopus' garden, if you know what we mean.