Roasting Warehouse Fremantle

· Thursday October 13, 2016

Freo people love a good rave, especially if it's in a forest and they're covered in glow in the dark paint and home-made wide pants. (You know the pants we mean.) Right now though, Freo folk are raving about the Roasting Warehouse, in a good twist on the name.

In my mind I had an image of oompa loompas covered in caffeine crust-dust but Roasting Warehouse is less warehouse and more deluxe breakfasting haven. They take their coffee seriously, but also every edible element alongside it, with breakfast and brunch definitely the best times to partake.

General consensus is you can tell a good cafe by how they do simple eggs. What do Roasting Warehouse do with eggs? Poach them, cover them in batter, wrap them in a paratha. 'Eggs Benny Chan' as they call it, has gone up for some high praise by the Freo ravers, but lives up to the accolades, as do the alternate ovum offerings – even their simple scrambles.

If you're sweet-toothing after 7 hours of non-stop dancing, there's the usuals – juices, granolas, but all done with a little extra pizzazz. (Maybe the oompa loompas are out back). So yes, Roasting Warehouse, we're going to rave about you too. Just in cooler pants.