Short Order Burger Co.

· Wednesday December 7, 2016

How do people not become vegetarian when cows are literally jumping off boats, swimming to shore and then galloping 7 k up to Coogee from South Beach. Not sure. Last Friday I ate a classic burger at Short Order, but this week maybe I’ll get a veggie one.

Short Order is housed inside a shipping container inside The Mantle, to stick with the theme of beef and transportation. But the Burger Co. isn’t open every day so you gotta store up your hot beef injection desires until Thursdays. Then, go for your life, and don’t hold the pickles.

Not many places know the best part of a truly good patty is what you don’t do to it. Let the cow run free, ask it for a lil slice of its rump, and let it just touch the grill, not get too roasted. Coming recommended by a Frenchie, I knew Short Order would treat the meat right. A little pink in the patty, a little sugar in the bun and enough condiments to make plenty of “moist and juicy” innuendo over dinner. The topics were all actually political the night I went, but you guys can take it as low-brow as you like when you go.

There are only two small blots to the Short Order name: the Trump Burger – just stick to rump; don’t honour the orange one. And plastic water glasses – BYO alcohol ok, but BYO glassware? Plastic is forever, as all marine animals – even the cows – know well.