Wild Bakery

· Thursday September 1, 2016

Two years living on and off in Paris made a bakery-shaped hole in my heart that no Mrs Macs and pink icing vanilla slice combo could fill. So when we heard Wild Bakery was making pain au raisins this writer got down there toute suite to le check it out. Correct mix of fluffiness and crackliness in the dough? Check. Sultana to crème pâtissière ratio ? Check.

Wild Bakery hides behind a dodgy logo to make some of the best baked goods on the Freo wholefoods broadway – cycle past Abhi's, Manna, La Vespa Patisserie and the rest to get almost-French croissants, bluer than tru-blue pies, and very serious stoneground organic sourdough.

Wild eschew some of the lamer aspects of Aussie bakehouses to create wheat-treats that heal rather than harm with organic, old-school methods, but they haven't missed out on the Franken-breads, bringing out the scarily named Bronut ( a guy who gives you the shakka while liverpool kissing your friend?).

Our hot-from-the-oven recommendation is to pick up a pain au raisin, caramelised onion and goats cheese quiche, a coffee from Third Wheel and head the 100 extra metres to South Beach for the very best of two far flung worlds.