· Thursday January 17, 2013

For anyone bothered by Rihanna’s lifting flash-in-the-pan microgenre and non-aesthetic #seapunk for her own mega pop ends then rest assured it goes both ways. Because niche South African designer 2Bop features an entire catalogue of mangled references to global pop culture, courtesy of their own unique history and the humble modem.

Inspired by the 8-bit design of early arcade games, the Cape Town crew take their name from the corner shop bootlegs of the '80s and '90s. Thanks to the scant entertainment for the disadvantaged suburbs of the apartheid regime, things got a little creative with the machines that cost, you guessed it, ‘two-bop’ a game (that’s 20 cents to the rest of us). The result being a unique media mash-up of LOLcat bags, a Palmela HandHerSome meme mash-up hat and a Super Nintendo x Biggie Smalls sweatshirt. That’s not to mention a 2Bop beanie based on Pink Floyd’s 'The Wall’ and a Seattle-Cape Town collab for a mid-century pillbox ballcap.

Add to that a country that’s just opening up to the internet and you have a label that’s only gonna get weirder.