This Is Not A Mall, Phoenix Geisha Bombers

· Wednesday January 30, 2013

If you saw someone on the street wearing a red/gold/new pink satin jacket embellished with bird/cherry blossom embroidery would you think that they were a boring arsehole? Of course you fucking wouldn't. You would immediately approach them, kiss them on the forehead, look into their eyes and say, “I have been waiting for you, new soulmate.”

This Is Not A Mall — the answer to all your tie-dye needs, hopes and desires — just got even wavvier with the arrival of their Phoenix Geisha bomber jackets. Not only do these jackets act as the material personification of happiness, they are also vintage and one-of-a-kind. (Phoenix Geisha, great name for a newborn BTW).

You should also know that This Is Not A Mall is offering a special discount for Thousands readers called the 'This Is (Not) A Thousands Degrees And Rising Sale'. Use the code THOUSAND at the checkout to receive 20% off and go in the draw to win free gifts with your order. Imagine if said free gift was those Bob Marley lounge pants (what is not to love about that item description?), perfect to take you from the breakfast bong to the boardroom to the bar.