A 'trans-pacific flight playlist' by Chairlift

Thursday December 8, 2016

Brooklyn's Chairlift make shimmering synth-pop that isn't afraid to cry in public. They made us a playlist of songs that helped them bliss out on the flight over here. Recline your chair a little (as far as it can go), sit back and enjoy.

Weyes Blood, 'Generation Why'
I love this whole album, but this song in particular is the perfect soundtrack to that kind of sentimental vulnerability and detatchment you get on an airplane. 
Brian Eno, 'Drift'
This album feels like a very literal choice for air travel, as this album is a soundtrack to the Apollo moon landing film. But it's a dear favourite of mine (I was married to 'Always Returning' off the same album!) and it really relaxes me on the plane. 

David Sylvian, 'Upon This Earth'
This record feels like a partner-album to the Brian Eno album because of the spacey pedal steel guitars. It reminds me of a pale winter sky with pinks and blues moving slowly behind trees– which is exactly the visual I'd like to have as I fall asleep in a very uncomfortable position!
Maria Usbeck, 'Jungla Inquieta'
I'm perhaps cheating a bit here as I co-produced this album with my friend Maria and feel very close to it, but this song in particular is really nice for flying – it's epic, spacious and meditative. Her voice is particularly beautiful on this one, and it's layered with samples of birds and women singing she recorded on Easter Island. Take me, Maria. Take me. 
Frank Ocean, 'Nikes'
I can't stop listening to this album, it makes me extremely emotional (especially in airports). I can apologise to you in advance if you're sitting next to me on the plane while I listen to this record, cause i'll probably cry. 
Ween, 'Sarah'
I had never heard this until a friend played it for me a couple weeks ago. Now I listen to it everyday.  
Emitt Rhodes, “Lullabies"
Emitt is one of my favourite writers/producers of all time. 
The Beach Boys, 'God Only Knows'
This one makes me feel happy when I'm so far away from my loved ones. 
Miles Davis, 'Nefertiti'
This is a classic quintet at their finest. It's a special Wayne Shorter composition where the drummer and bass player really get to take the lead while all the melodic instrumentalists hold down the backbone. 
Harry Nilsson, 'Without Her'
Beautiful, simple, and classic.