Eggs Press' 'Whole Egg Hitzzz' Compilation

· Thursday January 24, 2013

It's true that we used up all our egg-based puns and references on our first Eggs Press write-up. So this time we have to resort to telling you about the thing we're spruiking. After getting the balls rolling with an irreverent/metaphysically instructive version of street press, Eggs Press has now diversified into places we're very happy for it to go, with a killer Whole Egg Hitzzz mixtape.

Rubbing metaphorical shoulders are well-known peeps like Felicity Groom, Mental Powers and Shiny Joe of POND fame, alongside a bunch of new bands (see Egg Vending Machine and Basic Mind), and our pick of the batch: underground barely-known favourite Rex Merkin, a guinea pig enthusiast from the hills making some pretty incredible synth-pop in his lounge room.

It might seem like genres are being ignored for this mix, and they are, but from Eleventeen Eston's remix of 'What's Love Got to Do With it', to the smooth freak folk of James Teague, for once the advertising matches the product and we can fix a sticker of approval to every 'z' in Hitzzz.