Lovely Head, 'Always'

· Thursday November 3, 2016

Lovely Head knew what was up when she started making music a few years ago. For one thing, she called herself Lovely Head, and it more than suits what the sound has become (in a non-pornographic way). Just what the word 'lovely' really, honestly means. Lovely Head's Vivian Huynh had been making music for ages. But Lovely Head, the Sydney musician's solo project, was most definitely a work-in-progress, waiting to come into it's own – to project Vivian's more personal view on wanting, waiting, heartbreak, small details, big events and questions of love.

Always is the first EP by Huynh, her three-track 2014 debut release perhaps not technically long enough to be deemed a whole EP. The next two releases, On and Pink EP were collaborations with Sydney artists Teenage Mustache and Pendant respectively. They seemed to have both informed Always in production and style. This release hasn't lessened or grown in gloom, but it seems a world away in production values to Motion, which was closer in sound to Huynh's No Art days (RIP No Art).

The space and stillness so evident in Always is a trait of Lovely Head's, and I die when I hear the in-between moments. You can hear longing and angst, though it somehow seems content in itself and void of that uncomfortableness a word like 'angst' can bring to music. The video to the first single off the EP, 'Show Up', is a tender and melancholy love letter to Cabramatta, a place of nostalgia for Huynh, and this idea embodies the EP as a whole. Always is a delicate, dark treat.