Toro Y Moi, 'Anything In Return'

· Tuesday January 29, 2013

Every time I hear a new Toro Y Moi album it's a surprise and a treat; each one has been different, and in a good way. Gone is the muddy intrigue and sonic havoc of his debut Causers Of This and the sliding bass lines and funky synths that made 2011's Underneath The Pine space disco, soft psych sound.

Anything In Return finds the soft-spoken lo-fi club kid flirting with Caribou and Four Tet at a French House disco. It is hard to imagine an album more perfectly suited to our antipodean summer. While Underneath The Pine worked beautifully as audio wallpaper for your space-age bachelor pad or for a little shoegazing boogie, this album will push you forward with its subtle hip hop nods and cocky progressive production and swagger.

Toro Y Moi is Chaz Bundick, a South Carolina native who recently relocated to Berkeley California. The move might have influenced his sound, though if anything it has a more SoCal vibe (Beck, Stepkids, Stones Throw). Fuck, and these super cool videos for lead singles 'So Many Details' and 'Say That' will make you want to move to Cali with Chaz and marry him, or at least go clothes shopping with him at Incu. Viva Toro Y Moi!