Gemma Weston, 'Signals'

· Tuesday January 22, 2013

Between 1976 and 1989, a mysterious signal would appear occasionally on shortwave radio bands. It manifested as a a repeating staccato tap, interrupting scheduled broadcasts and giving rise to sinister theories of Soviet mind control. After the fall of the USSR, 'the Russian Woodpecker' was revealed to be part of a high power radar array functioning as a missile defense early warning system. A reality nearly as unnerving as the fantasy.

Gemma Weston's first solo exhibition is called Signals and that anecdote sums up its focus rather tidily. She is investigating the poetic potential of communications technologies, using mediums of 'transmission' as her conceptual starting point. Her prints, drawing and sculptures engage a romantic idea of the sublime and seek to bridge the space between the natural and supernatural.

It might sound ambitious for a first solo effort, but considering she's a Co-Director at OK Gallery, an accomplished art writer and general woman-about-the-arts, you can bet she'll be bringing enough experience to make it all work.