Grazia Toderi

· Tuesday January 29, 2013

Grazia Toderi's video artworks occupy an aesthetic space somewhere in between the experimental documentaries of Godfrey Reggio and the nocturnal Los Angeles sprawl from the opening scene of Drive. They are unsettling, alienating and undeniably captivating. She describes herself as creating “frescoes of light,” digitally layering image upon image until they bleed into one another and manifest as dreamy landscapes. Surreal illumination adds a sinister edge, making the familiar sight of a sleeping city an uncomfortable proposition.

This Perth Festival show will be Toderi's first solo exhibition in Australia, but she's shown to critical acclaim pretty much everywhere else for some time now. Point in case: she took home a Golden Lion from the Venice Biennale in 1999.

(And because you've undoubtedly been holding your breath ever since we mentioned Drive in the first paragraph, it's probably a good idea to confirm that no, Ryan Gosling will not be in any of Grazia Toderi's works. Probably.)