Success 3

· Thursday June 23, 2016

I didn't think it was possible to fall in love with an exhibition, but that's exactly what's happened to me with the third round of Success gallery's installation series. I want to go see it every day, like the Cezannes for Jonathan Richman at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. I want to take a picnic down there and slowly digest strawberries and cheapish champagne while I look directly into the eyes of the artworks for hours, falling deeper and deeper in.

Success is definitely the most exciting new space to be wrestled from the iron ore-dust mits of our mining-tax state. Its deep 'pools of eyes' stretch out across the full 20,000m2 of the old Myer building in Fremantle. Descending on the still escalator you'll first be met by Jacobus Capone's huge and enormously moving video installation – we won't tell you what it's about, just read S.J. Finch's heartbreaking accompanying essay when you're there. We will tell you though that Capone is the artist who walked across Australia carrying a jar of water from the Indian ocean in Perth to the Pacific in Woollongong to join them in a piece called 'To Love'. Sarah Poulgrain's 'Bust Construction' pulls you in too, and again, read the notes – gleeful youtube-y magical realist fantasy from Madeleine Stack to complement the video and sculpture works.

But the place I wanted to spend the most time was in the world of 'An Event'. Kieron Broadhurst with Oliver Hull and Giles Bunch, who didn't come for the opening from England to not make a heavy carbon hoofprint, have created a beautiful War of the Worldsian installation of a possibly fictional 'event' inserted into our WA country past, soundtracked by Bunch's purpose-created band 'Pluto Gang', beautiful static, and narration that moves with you through the rooms and story depending on how well your antennae are capturing the radio waves.

I will see you down there, my new favourite place; the artworks are surely all polygamous and definitely have enough room for all of us.