A DIY hologram projector for your phone

· Wednesday February 24, 2016

Holograms are cool. They were cool in Star Wars and they're cool as a silly thing to do on a Saturday night. It's true they may be lacking in practical applications but we promise you'll still be astonished when your useless experiment is complete.

Tip: If you're feeling really ambitious you could use increase the dimensions and use more sophisticated materials like perspex, glass, ect to make a massive projector (or at least an iPad-sized one).

You will need:


Transparent sticky tape
A stanley knife
A cutting board
Cuttable, transparent plastic (we used a clear plastic folder, CD covers will also work)
A ruler
Graph paper

Step 1


Draw a rhombus (1cm x 3.5cm x 6cm) and cut it out.


Step 2


Place your rhombus underneath the clear plastic and carefully trace around the paper with your stanley knife. Do it lightly at first then go over your first cut again to complete it.

Step 3


Use your first plastic rhombus as a template for the other ones. You will need four.

Step 4


Assemble your projector by taping the shapes together side by side, until they all come together as a three-dimensional object.


You now have your projector!

Step 5

Google 'hologram video for holographic pyramid' on your phone. Once you've found a good one head into a dark room.

Step 6


Place your projector on top of your phone, press play vid and voila! Cool holograms.