Repair your fridge with CD cases

· Thursday March 24, 2016

Fridge shelves tend to break really easily (especially if you share a tiny fridge with four people who all like to cook). My housemate looked into replacing our broken shelf and turns out it was going to cost like 60 bucks. Fuck you Fisher and Paykel! If I had that kind of money to spare I wouldn't be living a life where I knock a jar of chutney onto the floor every time I try to balance my hummus on a container full of someone's left-over bolognese, would I? Still, rather than get sucked in to a rage spiral about the built-in obsolescence of modern white goods, we decided to tackle the problem with DIY aplomb. Here's how.

You will need:


Your broken fridge shelf
Super glue
Plastic CD cases

Step 1


Spread out your dusty old CDs and feel nostalgic about all the time you spent wandering around JB HI-FI agonising over which album to invest in.

Step 2


Pick out a few you're unlikely to ever listen to again.

Step 3


Return any cardboard cases to the pile.

Step 4


Remove the covers and superglue them across the cracked shelf.

Step 5


Weigh the cases down for a few minutes while the glue sets.

Step 6


Use this time to research more DIY projects.

Step 7


Slide your fixed shelf back into the fridge.