Solar Powered Oven

· Monday January 21, 2013

To bake cookies on the go with nothing but the power of the sun, you'll need to eat pizza first. The knocks of this life are hard indeed. Then, with the pizza box, a few common household items and some sunshine, you're all set to build a mobile solar-powered cookie oven. Now everyone will look good: the sun's cancerous UV rays will be put to baking, while your gluttony may be written off as environmental civic duty. Most importantly: cookies. Here's how to do it.


You will need:
- A pizza box
- Sticky tape
- Cling film
- Newspaper
- Scissors
- Cookie dough
- Aluminium foil
- Black cardboard


Carve a square, minus one side, out of your pizza box.


Fold that flap back.


Wrap aluminium fold around the flap, shiny side facing you, while keeping it as unwrinkled as humanly possible (i.e., not very).


Tape down the excess at the back of the flap.


Now double up a square of cling film and tape it over the hole, ensuring everything is completely airtight. Tape it.


More taping. This time, it's the black cardboard to the base of the pizza box.


Scrunch up some newspaper and line the sides of the pizza box with it. Again, tape.


A few strips of aluminium foil ought to cover that newspaper. How on earth are we going to secure it? Tape.


Bam, it's bake time.


Whip out your cookie dough. Stare at it. Be torn between equal parts desire and revulsion. Squeeze it. Giggle.


Place your cookie babies in the oven.


Your pizza box needs to be completely and utterly airtight before baking. T-A-P-E.


Find a toasty spot and angle your aluminium foil flap in a way that will bounce sunlight straight into your cling film window. Give it a good four hours at least, but be sure to keep checking/ogling in the meantime.


Tuck in. Repeat until dead.

This article is part of our new DIY series, made possible with support from Nikon.