'Cereal' Magazine

· Tuesday January 22, 2013

If you guys, like me, aren't looking for another foodie magazine that tells you all about the process of making Foie Gras from scratch (I like geese, OK?) or which bourgie recipes you have to include to make your next dinner party 'perfect', get yourself a copy of Cereal.

Cereal is a new quarterly based in the UK, though their focus is on particular foods and, being the intrepid expeditionists they are, travel to the far reaches of the world. Each issue is split into chapters (because they “adore books and their ability to teach”) and each topic gets itself a chapter.

Issue one features chapters of Copenhagen, carrots, Westonbirt, matcha, the Italian town of Ravello and its title track, cereal.

It features a piece on the Nordic Food Lab (a not-for-profit food lab on a boat, started by Rene Redzepi of Noma and his pal, Claus Meyer, that researches traditional and modern foodmaking and production which includes a recipe for dulse, aka. seaweed icecream), Zosia Swidlicka writes on the myth of carrots making you see in the dark, and my favourite - an investigation into the history of cereal, and a piece on the Momofuku Milk Bar cereal milk concocted by Christine Tosi.

The best thing about Cereal is that it's not trying to preach to you, it's humble, and the photography is a pleasure to look at.