Leonie Brialey, 'Raw Feels'

· Thursday October 13, 2016

From the woman who brought us Jaws and Jaws 2… Sorry, we mean, Sharks of Perth tees, comes the full length, full feels graphic book, Raw Feels. Leonie Brialey is an artist and musician who's been keeping our nipples afloat and our eyes on the moon via blogs, tees, zines, twitter and Instagram for a number of years. Now we can finally sup of her thoughts in book form.

Raw Feels picks up Brialey's on the reg concerns of 'being' and 'knowing', via sleeping dogs, bongs, and a good amount of kissing. She weaves through recurring infinity signs (can infinity recur?) and takes on Nietzsche and Calvin O. Schrag, all through sincere, first-person wonderings. The drawings are simple and beautiful, the concerns both conceptual and personal.

Leonie flits these days (do graphic philosophers flit?) between Melbourne, Hobart and home town Perth, with the occasional jaunt to France where comics are held as high art. So online's the place to reach for the Feels. For a sneak peak, you can find mini-essay 'So Much Tongue' here.