World's Only Magazine

· Thursday January 31, 2013

Classical music - EEK! I know, you are scared. I am scared too. But fear not, World's Only is the kind of publication that comes from classical training but isn't above drinking a stubbie or superimposing a picture of Kim Kardashian holding their latest issue.

World's Only is a biannual zine by Sydneysider Megan Alice Clune about the place where music and art overlap. Issue #2 is all interviews with interesting people and you needn't know your John Cage from your John Cale to appreciate them. These conversations remind me of Butt Magazine in the way they are frank and approachable, and how they don't go anywhere pretentious without remaining playful. Like in the interview with Ei Wada of Tokyo's Open Reel Ensemble, whose live performances involve six old reel-to-reel tape recorders manipulated by hand during playback.

Megan: “Why do you keep using this old fashioned equipment?”
Ei: “I asked that question to the imaginary musicians, who in my mind play reel-to-reel recorders as instruments.”

LOL! Issue #2 also features John Cage collaborator Margaret Leng Tan, photographer Sam Hodge, OOi, Christina Vantzou and Collarbones. Megan also helps organise regular music events called Musical Alaska at Alaska Projects in Kings Cross (if you are ever in Sydney and want a dose of World's Only in person).

Issue #2 is limited to 200 copies and since issue #1 is sold out if you've always been classically-curious but were scared off by all that cheese and wine grab a copy quick - it goes great on a milk crate coffee table next to a stubbie.