· Wednesday May 25, 2011

A perpetual motion machine kicks into gear when my obsession with Erik Brunetti's output is both thwarted and heightened by the man's deliberately low profile.

Brunetti started a streetwear label in 1991 as funny and uncompromising as its name: Fuct. Then, it was a cartoonish blend of spoofs, rip-offs, satanism, skateboarding, porn, violence, and anything offensive (Misha Hollenbach cut his teeth designing for Fuct pre-PAM).

Later, Fuct products became incredibly hard to find. In lieu of hard goods, his blog kept trickling images of an ever-refining esoteric aesthetic: biker cartoons, Vietnam camouflage hand decorated by U.S. soldiers, desert rock, vintage erotic - he even wrote and directed a short film (which you can watch here). Brunetti's contribution to MOCA's current street art retrospective is a surprise standout.

Good news for me, Brunetti's come out of hiding… a little. Fuct's first online store launched early this year. S/S 2011 stock has just arrived, but not every piece in the range is available online. 'Cuz if it were, that'd just be too easy right?