The Chart and Map Shop

· Thursday September 1, 2016

I worked for a while making old maps into new maps. It was a very cool job where I got to listen to saucy audiobook renditions of Norwegian Wood) read over ambient Japanese music while tracing geological contour lines of remote parts of Australia. I eventually realised the job was kind of evil but I still have the happy Norwegian Wood memories.

Fremantle's Map and Chart Shop is reinvigorating my love for everything cartographic and I happily point people in its direction on the reg, even if I'm not wearing my compass to give them exact coordinates. The shop has everything you might need for a stroll through the port city – flag signal books, boating books, and a selection of sometimes eccentric self-published local history. There's something appealing about perusing boating and adventuring books and gadgets even if you're unlikely to step more than 20 nautical miles outside your Golden/South of the River Triangle.

Dani who's likely to be at the helm when you visit was “looking after” the shop while her parents went on a quick adventure of their own, but has ended up staying and steering for ten years. She's the person to ask if you want to know how to get to the nearest deserted island or how to find out exactly what a bunting tosser does.

They've started drawing outside the longitudinal lines too with a series of exhibitions and gigs with Perth's best creators, so watch this oasis-y space.