The Salon Studios

· Thursday August 4, 2016

The Salon Studios is a deluxe new shop and studio space in Subiaco, housing five truly exceptional creators in a wooden-floorboard wonderland of good taste. We'll bring you each of these artists individually in time, but for now, Salon hosts them together in one beautiful shopfront; two garment designers, a florist, a photographer, and an illustrator, housed amongst a curated smattering of extra works by more of Perth's finest.

As with our other recent Salon salute, the fit-out is breezy and gorgeous. Walk in, and to your left find designer Shannon Malone, of By Shannon Malone, her one-size, “universal daywear” garments calling softly to you to 'get it on'. Shannon told us about a wonderful woman in her fifties coming in saying “Don't just tell me everything looks good on me!” and swanning out with a denim Cardboard Dress, to have the same design snapped up by a young male friend the next day, Malone's raison-de-créer fulfilled.

Volim is on your right, the florist and garment design pair of Tia Tokic and Lauren Salt who just took out Florist of the Future for WA for her sustainable works that look further than gerberas into the possibilities of bringing flora indoors.

The studio serves as a working space and gallery as well as shop, so make sure you take time to pour over the work of on-the-rise illustrator Kuan Jia and photographer Aleks Markovic before choosing which Peter Milligan ceramics piece you want to take home to bed.