Venice Jewellery Online Shop

· Wednesday December 19, 2012

Venice Rish makes dainty jewels with her hands, which are somehow earthly and Martiany at the same time. By using sterling silver, 12Kt gold, rough cut stones, bohemian 1920's peacock eyes (!!), and glass work which she collaborated with Cassandra Daw to make, what she makes is really very pretty but also just so badass (Peacock eyes! Bugs!). Karla Spetic agrees.

She's just launched her online shop, which features her current collection Stars Don't Stand Still - a tribute to the way the universe rolls, with planetary earrings big and small, twister chains, rain clouds, mantis earrings in gold and silver, and a cast dichroic glass eye which looks like it was plucked straight from the big lady, Mother Nature.

A limited run of select pieces from her collaboration with Michael Lo Sordo are also up on the web shop, including the violet ground beetle cuff and eye peacock brooch. We see you eyeballing the eyeballs, so to nudge you over the edge we'll just quickly let you know that every order over $100 (before Christmas) gets a free one of these thorny babies.