Big Ego Books launch at Alaska Projects

Raquel Caballero and Emily Hunt of Big Ego Books provided us with a tidy perspective on the trade fair hustle late last year. The article was memorable for their unabridged opinions and clear passion for unusual finds and made us hyperbolically declare them “..two of the sharpest wits in the book selling biz”. Well now we're pleased to announce their new IRL manifestation at Alaska Projects in the Cross.

Big Ego will continue selling gems from their online store, but now you have the added option of getting your paws all over the pages before you buy. Also, you know the visual merchandising is going to be on point, thanks to the ridiculously great themed tableaus from their site (there's one witchy-corker pictured above). The store will be launching alongside the latest group show, featuring work from Julia Bavyka, Angela Garrick, Joe Pol and Harrison Witsey. Two events for the price of one (to four) cheap beers– what a barg!