Summer Dance with Hunee (NL), Touch Sensitive, Mark E (UK), Love Bombs, Adi Toohey

Al fresco parties are the best and the Summer Dance team (Astral People, V Movement and National Art School) really know how to imbue a Sunday with day-to-night fever. These parties are like well-oiled friendly doofs, only remove the druggy dreads and add good quality music and National Art School's creamy sandstone. Have a geez at our glorious gallery from last weekend for proof of the revelry.

This Sunday brings more International acts with Hunee (NL), Mark E (UK) along with local party classics, Touch Sensitive, Love Bombs and Adi Toohey. There's also food provided by the silver gilded burger flingers, Nighthawk Diner. It's a good line up for a celebratory sway after the Keep Sydney Open Rally, party wherever you want, this is your town.