Leaf Supply

· Thursday December 15, 2016

If you're like me, you often envy the sills and desks of those who can keep indoor plants alive for longer than a month. Also, you're constantly wondering how they just seem to know where to source them and how to care for them. Are green thumbs genetic or something? Man, the trope of “I can barely keep a plant alive! Let alone a child/cat/dog wacka wacka” is getting a bit tired isn't it, but, yep it's often pretty true. Luckily a coupla plant experts have just launched Leaf Supply for people just like you and me and the world.

Leaf Supply specialise in delivering a ready to love indoor plant directly to you and they even offer kind guidance for the botanically challenged. Each month they select the lush goods and you choose how you'd like it to be delivered. You can choose an elegant calico wrapped plant, a ceramic pot or a super-special handmade doozy like the irresistible echidna pictured above. They're also collaborating with Yevu for the festive season, and have a range of great print sheaths if you wanna opt to use Leaf Supply for gifts. Each delivery has a detailed instruction pack on how to care for your leaves once they've arrived and they've included their contact too, in case you need further guidance because you are a dumb baby that kills everything.

Leaf Supply is perfect for last minute gifting, especially because lugging a plant to the party yourself is always more annoying then you anticipated. Let them lug for you. Let them basically take the entire shopping process out of your hands, as you can see by their on-point aesthetic you'll be the envy of your housemates, workmates and your former dumb baby self.