Pro Shoey TN

· Thursday December 15, 2016

History has been peppered with great meetings of minds. Where would we be without the collaborative power of Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera or Abbi and Ilana? Enter two of the world's most prominent contemporary thinkers, Eshaygram and Gatorbeug, who have collided grey matter and released the Pro Shoey TN. Move over Pinky and the Brain, the world is about be taken over by hundreds of lads and lad-enthusiasts skarfing bundy and coke out of a ceramic sneaker.

The multi-purpose, ceramic objet d'art can function as a decoy actual shoe for you to 'shoey' from, an ashtray or a quaint vestibule to propagate tiny ~magic~ seedlings in. The Pro Shoey TN holds 750ml of liquid, that's a whole bottle of wine, so you could essentially sip from it for an entire party. It's so versatile. And, I know you have at least three people in your mind who would die from happiness if they got one of these under their chrissy tree.