A mixtape by Homeshake

Monday February 22, 2016

We all love Mac Demarco's scallywag jangle but wouldn't it be more interesting if someone from his band sent that sound through a disco blender, poured the contents into a blow-up kiddie pool and splashed around in slow motion? Lucky Homeshake have done just that (so to speak). They're touring the country at the moment and made us a mix to celebrate. It's as eclectic and great as we hoped it'd be.

Jagged Edge, 'Walked Right Outta Heaven'
This music video was all over Much Music when I was a kid and I didn’t think I liked it, but then one day Salina threw it on and I saw the light.  Sometimes she accuses me of stealing her music taste, which is fair.

Project Pablo, 'Sky Lounge'
Project Pablo is my neighbour. He lives next door to the people who live above us. I think 'sky lounge' is what they call his apartment.  We share internet. Really good guy.

Alexander O’Neal & Cherelle, 'Saturday Love'
All the days of the week are good but Saturday has got to be the most popular one.

Taeko Ohnuki, '幻惑'
There’s this other Taeko Ohnuki song that I’m certain is the happiest song ever written, it makes me feel amazing, but this is a different song that is great too.

Carly Simon, 'Why'
She’s heartbroken because their love hurts so much, but that bass line is definitely hot enough to take her mind off the pain for a few minutes.

LJ Reynolds, 'Trust In Me'
I trust him.

Joe ft. Mystikal 'Stutter'
fire emoji

Young Braised, 'Daydrift'
Last time he was in Montreal, Young Braised* came over for dinner. Salina made a fantastic spaghetti, he brought a salad, and we chatted all night, a really great little dinner party. His live sets are really great too.
* If you’re reading this Jaymes, email me back something special.

Ornette Coleman, 'Peace'
This song moves me somewhere I hadn’t been before I first heard it and I like it there.

Tatsuro Yamashita, 'おやすみ'
This was the last song that Dj Yosuke Yukimatsu played at the last show I played in Osaka.  I really like how short it is, if you only have a minute and forty seconds to be blown away, this song is perfect.