A mixtape by Kirin J Callinan

· Sunday April 7, 2013

Kirin J Callinan sure knows how to create anticipation. But tension is nothing without release and we're tense for him to release. An album. He has recorded one - in the US no less - and it is upcoming. First though, we need to be reminded why we missed him so much. Sinewy writhing, physical and musical. A growling baritone and a guitar doing things it shouldn't be able to. Solo shows will be played in Sydney and Melbourne and we have this mixtape and his liner notes to lead us to them. Thanks Kirin.

Godflesh – 'Slavestate'
A good way to start the day. Goes well with a juice cleanse.

Silicon Soul – 'Who Needs Sleep Tonight'
First heard this song as a teenager on the recommendation of the cd store owner. “Don't try to sleep 'cause your dick's too long.” Why he thought I'd like it I'll never know. Needless to say, the lyrics really spoke to me.

Clarence Carter – 'I'm not just good, I'm the best'
He's not lying. For those willing to go a little deeper, check out 'Why Do I Stay Here?', also from his 1988 album Touch of Blues. Clarence was way ahead.

Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft – 'Rote Lippen'
It's all in the tongue and the cheek. So tuf.

David Essex – 'Rock On'
A cool song.

Style Council – 'Blue Cafe'
Off the album Cafe Bleu. A great album for dinner parties with your very very best friends, for champagne and expensive chocolates, for putting on your sister's bras and smoking her cigarettes.

Prefab Sprout – 'Bonny'
I love air drumming and crying to this.

Lonnie Holley – 'Here I Stand Knocking at Your Door'
Now it's gettin' deep. Like Arthur Russell, only earthier.

Coil – 'Dark River'
No words. Only feelings.

Gary Wilson – '6.4 = Make Out'
One of the great love songs.

The Reels – 'Media Themes - Smoky Dawson Show / Rupert Murdoch / Ohira Tour'
My favourite band from Dubbo (where Thirsty Merc are also from).

Ronny – 'Blue Cabaret'
Ronny was a French model turned singer who worked with Midge Ure (Ultravox), Georg Kajanus (who produced this), Vangelis and Yukihiro Takahashi (Yellow Magic Orchestra) amongst others. She never had a hit; this is one that never was.

Lonnie Holley – 'The End of The Film Era'
Lonnie knows things. So, so wise. You should buy this record.

Amanda Lear – 'Alphabet (Prelude In C By J.S. Bach)'
G is for Getting a divorce. Roll Credits.

Kirin J Callinan – A Mix for The Thousands by Thethousands on Mixcloud