Absolute Boys, 'Heavy Flow'

· Wednesday April 10, 2013

There has to be some raillery or irony in three dudes called Absolute Boys releasing an album titled Heavy Flow. I'm just not entirely sure what. Maybe it is just a reference to the heavy bass that flows through the ten tracks. The Melbourne-via-Sydney outfit play a brand of dub. It's just that the low-end frequencies stem very much from Brunswick rather than Bridgetown or Brixton. Panda Bear over Prince Jammy.

Two years in the making, Heavy Flow follows on from two 12" releases in 2011 and develops on the ABZ unique approach to dubby post punk. From the opening 'Old Dub' to the “single” 'Haze', guitarist Dennis Santiago and ropey bass vocalist Will Farrier churn out fractured chord cycles while drummer Kino Versoza hits with an airy skip. 'Coast Again' is brilliant and inventive pop, both simple and rhythmic, in parts bringing to mind an Animal Collective composition.

But musical reference points aside, Heavy Flow sounds very much like an Absolute Boys album with playful and enveloping bass. When Farrier chants “I get so high for a sensible guy” on album highlight 'China Heights' you get the feeling they are happy in creating their own indie dance. Smoking in chinos.