Mike Who, tribute to Jay Dee mixtapes

· Tuesday February 5, 2013

You might know Mike Who's voice from when it is the other half of the conversation with Shantan Wantan Ichiban on FBi Radio's Stolen Records. Or you might have seen him support big guys like De La Soul, Kero One, Jazzy Jay, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, or Smoke DZA. “Yeah yeah! It's ya boi, Mike Who!”.

Mike Who knows how to cut a tape too, so we're pretty stoked to be the first people allowed to talk about this one. It's a thank you mix, for Jay Dee, and it's the first of three. Mike says that “Jay Dee single handily changed the way I and I’m sure countless others listen to hip hop and music in general.” A single tear rolls! He also says “honestly I said to myself I would stay away from ever doing a Dilla tape… but something else told me if this tape gets one more person hyped to delve a little deeper into his immense back catalogue then it’s all worth it.”

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Other related info: It's Mike's birthday today!