A Sayonara 2016 mixtape by Tim White and NICKELBUCK

· Monday December 19, 2016

“This music represents invisible harmony of East and West. East attracts West, west attracts East according to the order of the Universe. We are all Brothers and Sisters of one infinite universe. There is no true love, no real truth, and no true happiness without understanding the order of the universe. Because Vanity of Vanities; All is Vanity.”

-Osamu Kitajima

Toshifumi Hinata, '異国の女たち'
Ryo Kawasaki, 'You Are the Sunlight'
Tomoko Yasuno, 'Flower Bird Wind Moon (Jungle Mix)'
Hiroshi Sato featuring Wendy Mathews, 'I Can’t Wait'
Osamu Kitajima, 'Tengu'
Osamu Kitajima, 'Hot Strings Invasion'
Electric Connection, 'Groovy (More Ra Mix)'
Shintaro Sakamoto, 'Don’t Know What's Normal'
Hiroshi Sato, 'Eight Days a Week'
Masamichi Sugi, 'About You'
Yukihiro Takahashi, 'Extra-Ordinary'
Dancing Xabungle, 'Like a Blue Gale'
Jun Fukamachi, 'Letter to N.Y.'
Toshiba Kadomatsu, 'Step Into the Light'
Tatsu Yamashita, 'Funky Flushin’'
Minako Yoshida, 'Town'
Yumi Matsutoya, 'Destiny'
Minako Yoshida, 'Sunset'