Tyler, the Creator, 'Wolf'

· Thursday April 11, 2013

Camp Floggnaw isn’t a place; it’s a state of Tyler, The Creator’s mind. A fictional camp, that serves as the setting for Tyler’s excellent new effort Wolf. It’s a place where he can indulge his love of jazz chords and Waka Flocka mash outs, work through his grandmother’s death and his father’s absence, all the while struggling with girls and his newfound fame. Tyler controls the Camp Floggnaw stereo; blaring out is Eminem, Lil B, Frank Ocean, The Neptunes and M.I.A. Odd Future are there too, watching on as two of Tyler’s alter egos go to war… again.

Driving Tyler’s music is an underlying tension: between the quiet kid who wants to vibe out on jazz and N.E.R.D., and the social outcast who wants to rage on everyone around him. He knows it too, and Wolf sees him continue to create characters that represent these disparate sides of his personality. It’s these characters that drive the narrative and subject matter, making Wolf engaging and compelling. Last time round, the anger dominated and we were given the insular and difficult listen of Goblin, but on Wolf, the two sides achieve a balance, and the result is a joy to listen to.