Kenzie Larsen, 'It's Just Everything'

· Tuesday January 17, 2012

Kenzie Larsen apparently believes the adage about how it is busy people who get things done. She makes art and theatre and custom t-shirts. She was a third of that installation Grand Chasm that was on at Firstdraft last year that I kind of really want versions of installed all through my future home; she was a Director at Locksmith Projects while their gallery space and publication were still a thing; and her name pops up in conjunction with things like The Imperial Panda Festival, The Penguin Plays Rough Book of Short Stories, and Cab Sav at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

This show is titled like an explanation of what you might want to eat when hungover. It's Just Everything, you know? It's drawings and sculpture and video and it's made out of lots of things, including Play-Doh and seafood alongside somewhat more usual but most interestingly assembled 'ingredients' like splodged paint and wooden boards and piles of magazine. The works in this show are all studies on topics like 'excess' or 'destruction' or 'perspective', and in typical Larsen fashion they all seem like collages regardless of meaning. There's a layering-up process going on here, whether of objects or of texta-strokes, and the different elements of each piece aren't internally resolved but turn into wholes-more-than-the-sum-of-their-parts. If this 'Everything' seems overwhelming, simply remember that It's Just Everything. Like, NBD.