A discussion between broadcasters Dusty Fingers and Noise In My Head

· Thursday May 14, 2015

Dusty Fingers, is a radio show that celebrates the DIY, playing an eclectic mix of punk, garage, disco and dub on FBi Radio each week, hosted by Marty Doyle. Noise In My Head was started by Michael Kucyk as a weekly radio show on Melbourne's RRR but has since moved to Sydney, where Michael records a monthly show for NTS in London.

When they're not hosting two of our favourite radio shows, Marty and Michael both happen to work with bands and artists, run parties and DJ. It's a rare occasion for them to play together, but they're both DJing at TAXX this week, the new night started by LUEN, who brings together different DJs every Thursday at The Passage. Marty and Michael caught up before the show, and we held a glass up to the door and listened in on their discussion.

DF: Hey Michael, what are you wearing right now?

NIMH: Earlier today I had to turn back halfway to the airport after realising I was wearing a mismatched pair of shoes - one leather, one trainer. Barely made my flight.

DF: What’s the highest liked pic on your Instagram account and what do you attribute it’s success to?

NIMH: Pender Street Steppers recording a mix for the show at our house. It was a cool moment and people recognised! The runner up was actually a pic of Stockholm based DJ/dealer Mark Seven wearing one shoe.

DF: The year is 2788 and you have somehow ended up in a weird kind of Orwellian purgatory dimension X. There is a short sushi train bar that doesn’t actually go 360. It’s more like a one way conveyer belt that makes it to one end of the bar, then scrolls back towards a Pomeranian show dog in expensive jewellery who eats the leftovers. You have a choice to sit next to Kyle Sandilands or Kanye West, who do you choose and why?

NIMH: Wow you really cooked that up on the fly? Kanye of course. Saw his arena spectacular last year and was pretty blown away. Like watching a man fulfil his destiny right before your eyes.

DF: Commercial space travel has become affordable, what are you listening to as you orbit planet Earth?

NIMH: Rings Around Saturn's latest ambient cassette. Look out for a NIMH EP under his Dan White alias later this year.

DF: What is one track we’ll definitely hear you play at TAXX?

Brother Resistance - Witness.

NIMH: Ok my turn. What song would you select to bounce play after Brother Resistance?

DF: Ahh, a bit of an “irie” number huh? Well, off the back of that I'd be inclined to pull out a classic slice of hands-in-the-air dancehall, Greetings by Half Pint.

NIMH: I cheat and pre-record all of my shows while you vulnerably present yours on live FM radio. Can you recall your most embarrassing on-air experience?

DF: It's true, I throw myself “on air” with no safety net, there's been plenty of times where I wish I could have done it again and re-recorded things, but the live aspect keeps you on your toes and the best way to learn is to fuck up first, well for me anyway. A pretty embarrassing moment for me was on my first ever show: I was still getting my head around how everything worked and what buttons I needed to press etc. I was doing a mic break and could see my friend Tyson Koh who hosts Loose Joints through the studio window. He was staring at me with an intense look on his face. I thought I was killing it and gave him a shoutout and I think I might have even given him a point and shoot hand gesture through the window. This went on for about 2 mins. He burst in through the studio door and was like “you're not on air, we can't hear you”! I had been talking to no one and there would have been 2 mins dead air. Which is probably the worst thing you can do on live radio ever. Tyson quickly hit the right switch and I was back. He totally saved me that night. Thank god he was there otherwise I probably would have kept doing it for the rest of the show.

NIMH: You've had everyone on Dusty Fingers from Mike D to HTRK's Nigel Yang. Who's at the top of the wishlist? There's still so many people i'd love to interview for the show. My wishlist is always changing.

DF: I once turned down an interview with John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols. I kinda regret that now. Not because he's famous, but because he's such a character and he's seen so much during a really interesting time in music. imagine the stories? Also he's a bit of a trail blazer, he actually helped change the face of music. There are a lot of famous musicians who make amazing music but are boring as shit to talk to, so I'm more interested in talking to people with good stories or who in their own way helped make a contribution to changing music. One person I'd love to interview would be Tina Turner. I really feel that she paved a road for women to be fierce in music. There'd be no Beyonces without Tina. She's 75 years old. She's lived through the entire evolution of rock n roll and pop music. Imagine her stories!

NIMH: What's your defence when some idiot inevitably pests the DJ booth requesting something they can dance to?

DF: I usually reply with “what can you dance to?”. I guarantee you the reply will be one of 3 answers:

  1. Michael Jackson
  2. I dunno…RnB?
  3. Whatever the latest Top 40 hit is, “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk seemed to hang around for a while.

I then reply with “sorry, I don't have any of that stuff, but East Leagues Club has a great jukebox which accepts coins and you can DJ yourself there all night long if you like. They also have a salad bar and buffet, I think you'd like it.”

NIMH: What's the most dubious business expense that you've claimed on a tax return?

DF: I haven't done my tax in like 6 years, so I'm gonna play it safe and not claim The Wire DVD Box Set I bought back in 2009.