Once And For All: How to wear a scarf, with Jenny Kee

· Tuesday November 13, 2012

Jenny Kee, what a spirit. To us, she isn't human. She's a fabled being like Yoko Ono (good bits, not bad bits) or Jesus. Floating around humbly at her current exhibition, Expressions of Waratah - a tribute to her totem - we saw a sunny opportunity to ask her the pressing questions: How do you wear a scarf? She is, after all, the sovereign of the scarf. And with that, she showed us Grace Kelly-style, on Anna Plunkett! What a dream.


Fold in half, corner to corner to make a triangle and place over head. The corner opposite the fold should hang at the back.


Cross the other two corners over at the neck and take to the back.


Tie in a simple knot, not too tight.


Add some weight to the back but tying a knot in the remaining corner at the back - this might be easier to do at the beginning if Jenny isn't around to help.


You're done. Now go outside and be fabulous - incognito.

This article is part of our new series 'Once And For All', made possible with support from Ketel One. Stay tuned for further posts in which local characters teach us how to do things properly.