Arthur Magazine

· Thursday April 18, 2013

In look and feel, Arthur Magazine harkens back to another time. When people still used the term 'counter culture'. During its initial run, from 2002 to 2008, the free bi-monthly magazine covered everything from music, drugs, magic and underground comics to organic gardening. A good dunny read if you were into anarcho-occultism. Basically a publication the Establishment would call 'anti-Establishment'.

Founder Jay Babcock (in partnership with Floating World Comics) has recently returned the California-based magazine to print - and, though it has a new broadsheet/roadmap-size newspaper format, the idiosyncratic subject matter, lengthy articles and coverage of off-centre music remain.

The latest issue includes Matador Records' Byron Coley's 10,000-word (including 202 footnotes) cover feature on neo psych folk king Matt Valentine (MV & EE), a piece on aromatic aphrodisiacs and eight pages of colour comics.

Coley also teams up with Thurston Moore for their quasi review column 'Bull Tongue', where reviews of Bed Wettin' Bad Boys and Cuntz sit alongside those of New York Art Quartet, Smegma, Joe Carducci and Bonnie Prince Billy.

If the Source is your source for hip hop, and Maximum RocknRoll for punk, then Arthur is your guide for 'out there'.