Girls on Film / Boys on Film

· Tuesday September 25, 2012

The Girls on Film and Boys on Film zines are great, even though the name of the former may make you get Duran Duran lyrics stuck in your head. They've been created by one very exotic-sounding Igor Termenon - a Spanish-born, Edinburgh-residing photographer - as a vehicle to showcase aesthetically superior human specimens and their aspirational haircuts (as well as the work of emerging photographers).

The tricky thing with portrait photography is taking a shot that means something to someone who doesn't personally know the subject. The mission, then, is to convey a fragment of someone's complex character through a single frame. Not an easy feat. But the photos included in these two zines have pretty much nailed it - of a candid and unposed nature, they invite the outsider in. The few studio shots included look almost purposefully awkward.

The best bit, though, is that all the subjects are real life hot. The boys are 'guy at a cafe beautiful', not 'sexually aggressive movie star with a six pack' beautiful, and the girls are like less shittier versions of yourself with hair that probably smells like unicorn breath mixed with rosewater.