Hila Shachar and Amy Borrell, 'The Elements of In-Between'

· Sunday April 3, 2011

Art inspired by other art is one of the most fulfilling kinds imaginable. Paintings that provoke music, poetry that informs film, photographs that motivate writing, so on and so forth.

Darlings of the blogging world, writer Hila Shachar and illustrator Amy Borrell, have joined forces via the interwebs to create something completely real: The Elements of In-Between, a collection of responses to eleven films, each themselves derived from works of fiction or inspired by various writers. Hila's graceful and considered words - both poetry and review - sit alongside Amy's whimsical illustrations and pattern work. Delicateness of thought is juxtaposed against weight of meaning throughout the book in a sort of 'Margaret and David meets Frankie' kind of way, as Hila eloquently likens the main character of Into the Wild to Chopin, while Amy pictures Sylvia as a woman serenely drowning (or floating?) in a sea of watercolour.

It's impossible not to feel inspired by this thoughtful collaboration - even if it's just feeling inspired to go down to the video store and hire the titles you haven't yet seen. (People still do that, right?) Slip a chapter or two into those 'in-between' moments, just as Amy and Hila have done to create this book.