Wonder of Nature

Wednesday December 2, 2015

Cant get to NZ for a winery tour? No need, Michael Stone went to Stoneleigh Wines No.50 and captured all the best bits for you!

Stoneleigh have created a house that brings to life the story of Wild Valley and the wine it creates. Turning each room into a overgrown, lush depiction of particular tasting notes.

We've all been stuck in a wine-o circle of knowledge-off's, so here's an interesting story that you can share as your own; What makes the Stoneleigh vines special is the natural presence of ancient stones from Wairau river. They have sunstones lining the base of the vines, these stones soak up the day’s warmth, and as crisp nights draw in, the day’s warmth travels up the vines, creating around 1.5hrs extra ripening time per day. When the elements of nature connect in this way an intense, bright flavour is captured in the grapes. Boom. You are now a wine expert.

The thousands readers who attended on the night were treated to wild canapés match to the wine and organic tracks by Smokey LaBeef, we don't want you to miss out so heres Smokey LaBeef's mix of organic tracks to listen to as you peruse this album of wild food and responsible drinking.

Organic Stoneleigh Mega Mix by The Thousands on Mixcloud