Crown Ruler online store

· Thursday August 4, 2016

Working since the year 2000, the Melbourne via Adelaide crew have been working with amazing talent both local and International, organising some killer parties both solo and in collaboration with the likes of the illustrious Red Bull Music Academy and Melbourne’s own Animals Dancing rascals. Upcoming highlights include Darshan Jesrani (one half of Metro Area, OMG!) and Larry Heard (aka Mr Fingers, OMG!!). Both will be wet-your-pants good shows.

Considering they’ve been at this for a while we are a bit confused as to how we’ve only just discovered their amazing online store. Curated by Jeremy Spellacey, host of the weekly PBS 106.7 show Cocoa Butter, in his Prince Jimmy guise, the Crown Ruler shop is a treasure trove of vinyl obscurities. From Carribean boogie and Afrobeat madness to local post-punk obscurities from Melbourne group Equal Local. Although you’ll need deep pockets to acquire some of these gems, there are affordable items too. On top of that there are Soundcloud links to most of the records so it’s worth visiting just for a listen. Our pick comes from Sister Irene O’Connor, if you don’t consider Nun Synth an obscure genre maybe you’ve literally left the mortal realm and fused your consciousness with Discogs.