Stoliar Brothers Army Disposal Store

· Wednesday April 28, 2010

No matter what you think of war and bloodshed, you gotta admit that the army does it in style. Military chic is where it's at, and if you don't believe me why don't you take off those aviators to get a better look at your khaki overcoat and floral-pattern combat boots?

Stoliar Brothers is a crusty and much-loved old stalwart of the city. It's one of the last army disposal stores standing, but soon they'll be shutting up shop after 47 years in the biz. The boys opened the doors back in 1962 but now they're hanging up their (camouflage) hats because the rent (damn the man!) is just too steep.

The crowded store is a dark cave of hanging tarps, unfurled tents and sartorial gems, and proudly displays kudos from Akira Isogawa on their front window. It's well worth sifting through the standard issue fuel cans and disposable gas cartridges because this is a treasure trove of well-cut  shirts, faded tees, floppy canvas backpacks and real-deal lace up boots for low low low prices. Everybody does love a man in uniform, and from Stoliar Brothers you can get the look without the shell-shock and moral crisis.