Marrickville Bingo

· Monday July 26, 2010

“Number forty-six, that's four six, number eight, eight only, number thirty-three, that's three three…” No pokie jingles. No beers. Just a huge hall wholly and solely dedicated to one of the more benign forms of gambling; bingo. I can confirm that the game has a hypnotic quality to it as endless streams of numbers are read out to you while your hand and eyes dance around a grid, searching for a numeral to mark.

I can hear seasoned TwoThousand subscribers scratching their heads and wondering, “why, fool?”. Let me assure you dear reader that you can happily while away an afternoon or evening in intense numerical concentration with Aunt Beryl, cousin Lynne, and Grandma Flo while chasing $100 or thereabouts each game. Watch out for the $2000 and $500 jackpots that crop up in the last round!

Added fringe benefits include the collective groan from all the other players when someone yells “Bingo!”, table service, $1 bottles of water, and the heart warming fact that Marrickville Bingo supports charities such as Charity House.